Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kite Books

It is getting near Christmas and time is running out for that perfect present for the kite lover in your family. You can check out the kite books in my Amazon Associate store at Kite Store Purchases made through this link will help me keep my website up and running. There are some very nice books there.

Speaking of Christmas presents, I have had to shift my focus at work and learn how to run an engraving machine. LL Bean's new stainless steel water bottle is very popular right now and, where there is usually only one person engraving, part time, they had to add 3 more people to keep up with demand. I have done hundreds this week already and I am just a rookie. I did mess up several already, who knew McNeill had 2 ls? Or oops, that was supposed to be in block letters. So look for my goof ups in your local LL Bean factory store. If your name is Tiffany and you like block letters go for it.

I am one step closer to my sewing room, the small room is almost ready to move into. Then I will be able to move the closets and lastly set up the sewing room. I am hoping that I can be sewing by January 1.

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