Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sewing room for kites

Winter is not when most people are thinking about kites but most of my kiting friends think about kites year round. I am in the process of converting one of our bedrooms into a sewing room for kite making. My wife's idea and a good one I must admit. Lots of work though. Big pain in the a.. But it will be great once it is done. We have been using the dining room table for sewing and, since we don't have an eat-in kitchen, we can't leave a project set up on the table. We have a small house, a two story Craftsman cottage built in 1910 and the bedrooms are not large so I won't have one of those huge tables other kitemakers make out of several full sheets of plywood. I will make small kites.

We will be making small kites next month at a kite making workshop my friend and fellow kite maker Tony O and I are hosting. It is kind of Kitemaking 101, the basics of kite making and our participants will sew a small diamond kite with an appliqued design on it. We will cover the basics of fabric cutting, sewing and framing using ripstop nylon and a wood dowel frame.

Last month I set up an Amazon Associate Store on my website, The store is full of most of the kites that are available through Amazon and I don't think I added any that I would not mind owning myself. Lots of stunt kites from Prism Kites and I don't mind recommending any of their kites. I don't expect to make much money but, when I am flying kites, many people ask where they can get nice kites like I have. This store will be a simple place for them to go and the kites in the store are kites that I can recommend.

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